Men's Program

Engaging Men

Preventing violence before it begins is key to building sustainability safe communities. Our Men's Program encourages men to critically explore their cultural beliefs and dynamics that promote or enable violence. Experts conduct trainings and workshops on identifying healthy relationships and boundaries, the root causes of violence, and finding healthier ways to express emotion. Men are an essential component in the prevention of violence. 


The Family Violence Intervention Program

Tapestri Men’s Program, a Family Violence Intervention Program, is a court-mandated course certified by the State of Georgia. Our 24-week program is available to all men and includes interpreters for men who do not speak English. Our Men’s Program is available to: 

  • Refugee men in the United States less than 5 years: Free 
  • All other men, including other immigrants, refugees in the US more than 5 years, and native-born men: On a sliding scale 

To register or learn more, please contact Nyaz Kirkuki at 678-698-3612. 

Click here to view the Fact Sheet on violence perpetrated by men.