Miguel’s Labor Trafficking Story

Miguel, is from Mexico and was desperately looking for a job where he could earn a living wage. He was recruited by an “employment agency” and promised a job in the United States working on a farm. Miguel had to pay for the service of finding a job in the U.S. He gave his property title to the recruiter with a promise that he would pay the fees once he is back from U.S with earnings. 

Once he arrived in the United States, he was not paid what was promised. His check was significantly reduced due to deductions being taken each month for food and rent. The living conditions were inadequate and food and water were limited. Miguel’s documents were taken by the employer. Whenever Miguel complained about living and working conditions, his employer threatened his with deportation and physical harm even though Miguel entered the country with an H2-A visa.

Miguel was able to escape his situation and get assistance from Tapestri. He was able to garnish unpaid wages and receive a T visa based on his victimization, allowing him to choose where he wanted to work without the fear of being deported.