Who We've Trained for Advocacy

We have provided the following training sessions: 

  • 98 trainings on trafficking issues that served 3,730 law enforcement, social service providers, advocates, students, faith-based community members, mental health care providers and others, 
  • Quarterly trainings reaching nearly 200 interpreters on the dynamics of domestic violence and human trafficking, and 
  • Over 80 community education sessions on domestic violence for over 600 refugees. 

Who We've Empowered

Over the past three years, Tapestri has served: 


Survivors of Human Trafficking


Survivors of Domestic Abuse


Refugee Men Completed Classes

Diversity We've Provided

Additionally, we have distributed over 11,000 copies of educational materials in 14 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Amharic, French, Bosnian, Somali, Russian and Chinese) to criminal justice agencies, social service agencies, community members, medical providers, mental health care providers, court personnel, law enforcement agencies, students, volunteers, interpreters, and faith-based community members. The most often requested languages were English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese. 

Sabrin’s Healing Heart

a woman overlooking the city

Shortly after their marriage, Sabrin and her husband moved to the United States from Egypt. What was supposed to be a happy beginning, fueled by the American dream, quickly turned into a nightmare. Soon after their arrival, her husband began abusing her physically and mentally. The abuse involved physical contact, threats of deportation and homelessness.…

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Maria’s Story

a woman looking out to sea

I am Maria. This is my story. What I am about to tell you is something I never thought would happen to me, but I survived. I was 17, a typical teenager living in my home country of Nicaragua. I went to school, had friends and a part-time job in a small grocery store to…

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