Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

"We believe everyone should be able to seek and receive help and services which are respectful of her or his community, language, culture, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, and religious beliefs."

Multicultural Outreach

Our team has distributed over 11,000 copies of educational materials in over 14 languages to criminal justice agencies, social service agencies, community members, medical providers, mental health care providers, court personnel, law enforcement agencies, students, volunteers, interpreters, and faith-based community members. 


How Racial Equity Informs our Program Development and Implementation

Tapestri services are conducted in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. All services have been designed to meet the needs of ethnic communities from around the world.

Racial equity is an integral part of all of our programming as well as policies that affect our multicultural staff. We ensure that our services are accessible to the communities that we serve and that our staff and Board of Directors are representative of those communities.

How We Advocate For The Marginalized Groups

Tapestri works with foreign national victims which are often marginalized groups experiencing oppression and discrimination.


A large part of our everyday work is advocacy. We ensure that the survivors we serve are aware of their civil rights and that their voices are heard. We conduct community awareness activities to ensure that individuals vulnerable to exploitation understand that help is available and that there are laws in the U.S to protect them.