Become a Mentor/Tutor

Many English as a Second Language (ESL) programs for adults have historically had poor results.

Most FREE ESL/tutoring programs require legal documentation for clients to enroll. This creates a barrier for individuals who are not documented.

Many immigrants also do not have the sort of stable schedule that can allow them to attend scheduled classes. This is usually the result of working multiple jobs or lack of transportation.

Often even the cost of a backpack with school supplies is a massive financial strain for our clients. Primarily those in a one-income household, or homes with multiple children. Laptops and low-cost internet will be provided so that they can utilize this service and complete homework/ work tasks from any location.

Become a Tutor/Mentor

Can you volunteer virtually to assist refugee and immigrant survivors?

Teletutoring will ensure that we are able to contribute continuous and valuable education platforms to our clients, regardless of their location.

– Asking for items in the back of a market

– Enunciation of everyday pleasantries

– Internet Connectivity

– Basic computer skills

– Additional resources for practicing and application

Become a Tutor/Mentor

Goal for Tutees/Mentors:

  1. Reduce error rate.
  2. Increase client’s self-esteem, confidence and morale.
  3. Reduce time-per-task.
  4. Increase client’s independence.
  5. Increase quality of work.
  6. Become inclusive contributing members of our community.
  7. Become a potential success story and reshare your experience with other refugees and immigrants.
  8. Confidence gained from program will benefit their potential employability and leave room for job advancement.
  9. Learn how to merge and incorporate both cultures.